Munsell Color System

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This is the first post of my new blog site Chroma Zone.  “Chroma” the Greek word for color and a term used by Albert Munsell in his color system, aptly named the Munsell Color System, refers to chroma as color purity, pairing it with hue and value.

As a former print publisher, photographer and design artist, I have a real passion for the “creative” and the color choices that reflect the end product.

I will delve into the visual world of color and share past and current scientific research and analysis, history, artwork, photography and design, to mention a few. The focus will primarily remain on the creative side of color and its uses, but will also include useful scientific and historical data that will expand on the creative process.

Postings might include information about a movie with great cinematography and the production process that created it, or it may be about a furniture or interior designer who has used brilliant color combinations or artwork to achieve that one-of-a-kind look.  There will also be a steady stream of photography, graphic design elements and much more.

Check back often for color inspiration!